Malibu W150 Pro Testimonial

Here is the testimonial for W150 Pro from Mark our US customer :



Just wanted to give you an update on the NEW Malibu W-150 Pro version light I just got.

I had purchased an early production of the Malibu S-200 reef light, back sometime in early 2013.
There wasn’t much information on them on the Internet, but I took a chance and bought one and had very good results with it on a 90 gallon reef tank.


I recently moved to a new location, in another city and now have a smaller place and didn't have room for a 4 foot tank long tank and decided to get a 60 gallon cube tank, that wouldn't take up so much floor space. I have purchased the NEW Malibu W-150 Pro version and am very Happy with the new Model. The New light has better coverage and can penetrate deeper (Higher Par Value) than any other LED light I have own in the past. This tank is fairly deep tank and other LED lights just can't get the same par values that is am able to achieve with this light at the sand bed. 





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