Mirage X300(super blue) - PAR Readings

This is from a customer PAR reading test for our lastes Mirage X300 with super blue LED layout :

Recently acquired an LEDZeal Mirage X300 to replace my 6 year old ReefBreeders photon v1. As part of the process I took PAR readings of my old fixture as a reference point. This of course means I took measurements of the X300 when I installed it and I wanted to share my findings. These fixtures pack a punch and I was impressed with the spread for the matrix/array layout. The phone/wifi controllability also makes it easy to control the lights.

The fixture I have is the "superblue layout".

Below are three different tests:

  1. Peak intensity of my custom program that I am currently running over the tank (40/32/40/50)
  2. 50% on all channels (50/50/50/50)
  3. 100% on all channels (100/100/100/100)

All readings were taken with an Apogee SQ-120 sensor connected to my fluke meter. 

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